In Covers

Covers were the first protection elements against external actions to which the construction is exposed. The quality of their construction and maintenance are critical for the sense of well-being inside the building, and it should be done within the advised frequency, as they are exposed to all kinds of agents which result in their normal wear. By protecting your cover, you are protecting your home and, at the same time, avoiding serious problems such as infiltration, condensation and humidity in walls and ceilings, thus ensuring the conservation of the entire building's structure.
We install and rehabilitate several types of covers in any building.

Roof covers

Tile-coated covers are deemed as a traditional element of the Portuguese landscape. They are portion of our culture and a remarkable architectural element of the construction they integrate.
We install or repair, from the base structure (in wood, metal or concrete), plastering (with or without thermal insulation), sub-tile application (in corrugated metal, cement or bituminous/“onduline”), the lath which supports the tile (in wood or PVC), eaves, gutters, roof lights, tile layer (flat, cane, flap and pipe,...) and their corresponding accessories and supplements (ridges, walkways, extractor fans, ...).

Terrace covers

Flat covers, with or without specific purpose (accessible or non-accessible), in residential, touristic and commercial buildings, car parking or any other type.
We study and execute the most appropriate integrated solution for each specific case. We install the work from its base preparation, through the peripheral trims and single points, the application of the waterproofing system, until the application of the final layer of protection and use (when necessary).
We install the final sealing tests by flooding the intervened area for a minimum period of 2 days to ascertain the efficiency of the performed work.
As appropriate, we grant a minimum work warranty period of 5 years.

Metal plate covers

We install solutions in single or double plate with inside thermal insulation in buildings, porches, halls, industrial premises, ...
We study and execute the most appropriate integrated solution for each specific case. We install from the supporting structure (in metal, reinforced concrete or wood), through the peripheral trims (gutters, casings, capping) and single points (chimneys, drop tubes, ...), until the application of the cover plate panel.