From all problems affecting buildings, infiltrations are the ones which result in greater disruptions, constraints and damages from their normal use. The presence of water inside buildings accelerates the degradation of construction materials and contributes to the formation of a cold and unhealthy environment.

We install the required protection of your terrace, balcony, gutter, tank, swimming pool, parking lot, ensuring protection against the presence of water.

We apply the best technical solutions from the main material manufacturers, among which bituminous screens, PVC screens, continuous coatings based on flexible micro-reinforced cement, polymer membranes, carrying out of expansion joints, damp/osmosis waterproofing, bi-component water-activated resins injection under controlled pressure, carrying out treatment against humidity problems by damp rise, application of macro-porous plasters.

We study and execute the most appropriate integrated solution for each specific case. We install the work from its base preparation, through the peripheral trims and single points, the application of the waterproofing system, until the application of the final layer of protection and use (when necessary).
We install the final sealing tests by flooding the intervened area for a minimum period of 2 days to ascertain the efficiency of the performed work.

As appropriate, we grant a minimum work warranty period of 5 years.