Façade Renovation

This element is directly exposed to deterioration agents. It shall be resistant to such agents, aesthetically pleasing and, simultaneously, prevent water from entering inside and thermally insulate it.  

Being an integral part of the building's external envelope, the façade plays a major role in architectural design. Its continuous exposure to weather conditions and to the harmful effects of atmospheric pollution results in an accelerated deterioration of the façade's elements, the effects of which may jeopardize people's safety. Such deterioration, albeit external, often reaches the inside of the building by means of water and humidity infiltrations as well as a decrease of the ornaments’ thermal insulation.
We study and implement the most appropriate integrated solution for each specific case, having the adequate means to install the work, through certified scaffolding, suspended platform/gangways, rope/rappel work.

We provide and apply a "CAPOTE" type, thermally protected external façade system (ETICS - External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems), with energy certification issued by the manufacturer.

We install the work from its base repairing and preparation, through the trims with windows and single points, expansion joints, the system protection application and painting, namely:

          . Repairing of cracked and deteriorated walls;
          . External façade paintings;
          . Carrying out expansion joints between buildings;
          . Stonework treatment and waterproofing;
          . Reparing of ''fair-faced concrete'' elements;
          . Metallic elements treatment and protection (guards, balconies, decorative elements,...);
          . Carrying out treatment of moisture problems caudes by damp rise;
          . Application of macro-porous plasters for the treatment of salt and efflorescence (saltpeter).